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glitter_wizards's Journal

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Think Moulin Rouge. Think Harry Potter. Think… about some other stuff.

Glitter Wizards is an rpg centred mostly on colourful knickers and corsets.

In Glitter Wizards we encourage creativity - we are not strict in this strange universe we have made for everyone to inhabit, and generally welcome anything. As long as you’ve seen Moulin Rouge and as long as you’ve read Harry Potter, and if you think you can put it together without too much difficulty, welcome to this rpg.

In the movie Moulin Rouge, popular music was used in order to show audiences what it was like for those who attended the burlesque houses near the beginning of the 20th Century. The same is true for Glitter Wizards.

When you apply for your character, use the ‘occupation’ blank to tell us what you would like your character to be. If your character is a performers, also suggest the name of a band or singer in order to convey to us what kind of music your character uses when they’re up on stage (gender doesn‘t matter, since it will not always directly apply to a character‘s voice; a female can sing a male band‘s songs, and such.). Your character may also sing songs from another band, but if that band has already been claimed by another character, you’ll have to sort it all out with the other player.

Of course, you can always have a performer that does not sing; it’s all entirely up to you.

Also, if you want your character to be a big influence, say so. That way we’ll have something to work with (for example, a financier, Harold’s Role, etc.)

Lastly, this rpg is only connected to the books concerning characters and family relations. Other than that, it’s absolutely free range for you - all characters are available, and whatever has happened to them in the books have not happened to them in this rpg unless you will it so. There is also no Hogwarts; if your character wants to learn something other than the most rudimentary spells, they’ll have had to have a mentor in an older friend, have gotten the information on their own initiative, or have rich parents to buy them a tutor <3

Character age, however, stays the same as it was in the books. Harry is 17; figure everything out from there.

So. Join, cross dress, and have fun, mwah ah ah.

Rules and Guidelines::
1.) The RPG welcomes both slash and het. We are full of welcomosity. Feel it. Feeeel it.
2.) Yes, in this rpg there will be cross dressing. A lot of it. It’s a nasty rpg really, with sex and violence and drugs - all the good stuff. As a result, there will be adult material in this community, and it is advised that you do not join if you don’t think you can handle the HEAT! Ahaha.
3.) If you have a problem with another player, and it threatens to get too big… please, go to the mods. We don’t want war.
4.) Most of the role playing is to be done via aim. If you don’t have it, we suggest you download it at this website.
5.) There is a two character limit. Once you’ve settled in, and you’re a good little role player, the mods may grant you more.
6.) RP logs that you find relevant, or that you feel like posting, are to be stored under lj-cuts in the character‘s personal journal. If it’s above a PG13 rating you must rate it, you nasty person you ;-)
7.) We ask for coherency and grammar and an actual grasp of rp-ing etiquette. As in, punctuation is good. Controlling someone else’s character is bad.
8.) If you disappear suddenly, we’ll get worried and start hyperventilating. Therefore, if you’re just vacationing, please post a note in the ooc community so there isn’t a fuss.
9.) There are no rules concerning the amount of posts you do each week, but it would be nice if you posted a lot instead of letting your journal rot.
10.) The Mods are your friends, but if you break the rules blatantly without regard to the rpg, the Mods will remove you. Because they are still mods, and therefore, pure evil.
11.) Owls are posted in the main community.
12.) If for some reason you feel the urge to apply for Severus Snape, be aware that he will be required to put on a corset almost every other day, as one of our mods has an odd fetish for Snape in a corset.
13.) OOC Community can be found here.

Send the following to bloodysamhain@yahoo.ca

Your Name:
Character Request:
AIM Name:
Any RP-ing History? If so, name some:
You read the rules, right?:
What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?:

VeeTee ((vegetaztwin))
Jen ((tez_na_nox))
Mari ((alliante))

Taken Characters::

Bellatrix Lestrange//Random Crossdresser, Performer -- weightlessgrace -- Nightwish; Tarja Turunen
Fred Weasley//??? -- nogood_gred
George Weasley//Bohemian SFX Person -- nogood_feorge -- ... Explosions?
Gilderoy Lockhart//The Duke -- dandyduke
Hermione Granger//Cancan Dancer -- redfairymione
Lucius Malfoy//Random Villian's Sidekick -- loopy_lucius
Luna Lovegood//Bohemian Musician -- laviebohemeluna -- Bjork + DaftPunk
Nymphodora Tonks//Random Crossdresser -- lovelyhalfblood
Percy Weasley --> Pending
Regulus Black//Cancan Dancer -- whore_of_black
Remus Lupin//Christian -- moonlit_words
Severus Snape//Cancan Dancer, Whore For Hire -- sex_kitty_snape
Sirius Black//Satine -- sparklingsirius
Voldemort, Tom Riddle//Random Villian -- druglord_voldie