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You stole my earrings. I know you did.



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Love, listen, why would I want to steal your earings when I earn all that I own.

Because you're an earring whore, that's why. You like things that sparkle. I know you. I do.

Give over. Where are the earrings, you cunt?


I told you, I don't have them...I earn all my stuff. Stealing is below me, unlike you. dumbass Bella, go pester someone else, I got a client due over, one that pays in both money and gems.

Fuck you! Where the hell are the earrings, damn it?!?

I have to go onstage in TEN MINUTES and the earrings are NOT HERE.
I thought it was obvious that I didn't know! Are you sure you don't dye your hair? You seem like a fucking blonde, even Lucius isn't this dumb.
Shut up!

Well, shit. Do you have any earrings I can borrow, then? I need ones to match a green dress.
Do I have any earings? Do I have any earings!? Who the fuck do you think your talking to? Of course I do, come on over and you can even pick...but if I don't get them back your tits will be down your throat.
I think I'm talking to a queer. And I am correct, no?

Of course you'll get them back! My earrings are prettier than yours anyway.
Of course I'm queer, and damn proud of it. I'll plug any man and let them plug me.

LIES! ALL LIES! No ones earings are prettier than any of mine.
Even Lucius?

Who, by the way, probably has better earrings than all of us.
I'll plug Lucius, if he pays me of course.

And once again...that is a lie. Mine are still prettier.
I am sorry to say, my dearest cousin, that you think everything of yours is prettier.

... Which is simply not true.
you are just naive, Bellatrix, not only is everything of mine prettier, but I am prettier.
Oh, Sirius. Ever since you were a child and born with that eye defect, I could not help but pity you. I will say this nicely.
I'm prettier.

[... I love rp-ing Bella >D]
Eye!?! Bella, I think you are thinking of Rodulphus, not me.

You...prettier? HA! You do live a rich fantacy life don't you? If you were prettier, then you would be the Sparkling Star. Yet, seeing as it is I that is the Sparkling Star, that means that I am the prettier one
Fuck you! I so am prettier, I'm just not a showy little whore. I've got class, which is why I'm the Nightingale.

The Nightingale is nothing, I'm the star, I'm the money maker, I AM IT! And I'm suppose to be a whore, it's my job, as it is yours, but then again you arn't too good at it, heard many complaints from your coustomers
Well, nobody wants a Dominatrix around these days. Besides, I'm much better onstage.
Oh they want a dominatrix, Bella dear, trust me, they do. They just say you arn't up to par.

But I'll agree, you are better on stage.

[[ i'm begining to wonder who all these clients are O_o]]
I am so up to par! Well... maybe I'm not. Oh well.

[[ so am I. XD]
Well at least your not in denial, dear god we don't need you playing Cleopatra.

[[ but this is amuses me so XD ]]
I don't need to be Cleopatra when I'm a veritable goddess already.

[they love each other. deep down.]
goddess of the garbage

[[ deep deep down ]]
Ooh, your wit has always shocked me to within an inch of life. I feel so ashamed that I must go out and end my suffering by drinking too much absinthe.

Now that sounds like a plan!

I could go for a bottle of absinthe as we speak. Mind if I join you. *hopes that Bella will supply the drinks*


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