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A secret note for Severus? Hmmm...

Dear Severus...

She had been writing him notes for weeks, but she never delivered them; rather than humiliate herself, she tucked the notes into her favorite books, using them as clever little bookmarks. It was a normal, little crush until someone discovered one of the notes.

{"Hermione! You can't be serious!" Fred teased.

"Bloody hell... how'd you get my note?" she lamented.

"It fell out of your book. Now, seriously 'Mione, this is just bizarre."

"It's an infatuation..."

"It's got to end! That man is nothing but trouble. Though, I guess if you asked nicely, he might offer certain favors to a fellow can-can dancer..."

"Fred Weasley, you're bad for business! I can tell! Now, you give me that note back and pretend you never saw it!"

"Oh no, I think I'll be keeping this..."}

She had chased after him, only to bump into the wrong twin and find no trace of her note. Well, if Fred knows what's good for him, that note will never get near Snape.

But Fred, naturally, assumed that trouble was good for him and therefore placed the note in Severus' dressing room. It was a golden opportunity he wasn't willing to waste! Hermione had noticed a bemused smirk on one of twins, but she pleaded that Fred hadn't done something ultimately stupid.

As she trotted off in her red and gold layers of skirts, she didn't bother to glance in any of the other dressing rooms; she was too frightened that a certain someone was reading her note aloud and laughing hysterically. No, she stomped away with her head held high.

But, upon Severus' dressing table, there was a note on pale pink parchment:

Dear Severus,

I want to tell you that I think you're quite smashing, but I'm sure you hear that all the time. I think you're the most talented dancer in the entire Moulin Rouge; if only I had your huge talent! ...For dancing, I mean. Perhaps one day we could spend some time together, away from these silly costumes and such. I eagerly await each show, though I'll never earn anything if I'm always staring at you. If you wish to reply to me, there's a fluffy cat that runs about in the dressing rooms; leave a note with him.

~Your Secret Admirer

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